On this page you can find all the exhibitions of the University of Tartu Museum, Old Observatory and University of Tartu Art Museum.

University of Tartu Museum

The exhibitions of the University of Tartu Museum focus on presenting the history of the university and science. You can also find exciting exhibits about Tartu Cathedral here.

Tartu Ülikooli muuseumi püsinäitus "Minu elu ülikool"

Permanent exhibition of the history of the University of Tartu “The University of Our Lives”

Tartu Ülikooli muuseumi toomkiriku saladuste kamber

Exhibition "The cathedral’s Chamber of Mysteries"

On the sixth floor of the UT Museum, you can visit the cathedral’s Chamber of Mysteries, where there are activities for both children and adults. Discover the seven mysteries of the cathedral!

University’s Treasury

Kunst või teadus

The exhibition “Art or Science”

Valge saal

White Hall

Tartu toomkiriku välinäitus Toomemäel

Outdoor exhibitions at Toomemägi

University of Tartu Art Museum

In the oldest art museum in Estonia, you will find exhibitions dedicated to antiquity and art. You can also visit the university Assembly Hall and the historical lock-up in the attic of the main building.

Lähivaade kujust Tartu Ülikooli kunstimuuseumis.

The University of Tartu Art Museum permanent exhibition


The exhibition „Transforming Literary Places”


Coming soon! The exhibition „Wandering in the storms of the world. Art created in the shadows of war: Geislingen 1944 – Tartu 2024"


The exhibition „Sicker"

Old Observatory

The exhibitions in the Old Observatory focus on the history of astronomy and the present day of the science.

Tartu tähetorni idasaal

Permanent exhibition at the Old Observatory

Tartu tähetorni torn väljast.

Between Baikal and Berlin. Astronomer Schwarz 200

Päike, meie oma täht

The Sun, our own star

Tartu tähetorni idasaal

The exhibition „Two Boys who Dreamed of Stars. Struve, Fraunhofer and the 200-Year-Old Telescope"