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Educational activities in the museum

The University of Tartu Museum welcomes everyone who is looking to spend some quality time and to educate themselves in a variety of ways. The museum offers educational activities both formally and informally – educational programmes, guided tours, workshops, leisure programmes.  

Educational programmes

In all of its buildings, the University of Tartu Museum offers educational programmes for kindergarten children, for adults, and for everyone in between. Educational programmes and facilities for organising events are available in Tartu Cathedral, the observatory and the university’s art museum. 

The Crazy Scientist’s educational programmes, the planetarium shows, and programmes on the history of Estonia and the University of Tartu are all available in English. Guided tours in all buildings are also available in English. 

The duration of the museum’s programmes is 45 to 90 minutes and the price is 6 euros per person (different prices apply for special programmes that accompany temporary exhibitions). Online programmes are also available on request. If you are interested, please contact, phone (+372) 737 5674. 

Crazy Scientist’s Saturday Morning Science Experiments

Crazy Scientist’s Saturday Morning Science Experiments for children aged 7 to 12 are held every Saturday at 11:15 at the University of Tartu Museum. A different topic is explored each time, and children can participate in experiments and make things. The experiments are in Estonian, but they are demonstrative and engaging, so children who don’t speak Estonian can participate too. 

The duration of the Saturday Morning Science Experiments is 45 minutes and the price is 3 euros per child (5 euros per child from 1 January 2023). 

Birthday parties

We can organise children’s birthday parties at the University of Tartu Museum, and these include experiments and playful exploration of the museum. Crazy Scientist’s assistants conduct the activities and guide the children. Birthday parties last for 2 hours and cost 110 euros (150 euros from 1 January 2023). Activity guides can also be booked for events outside the museum on request. 

Additional information and booking:, phone (+372) 737 5674 

Crazy Scientist's Saturday Morning Science Experiments

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