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About the organisation

The structure of the University of Tartu Museum 

University of Tartu structure


Members of the Council


Marju Himma-Kadakas  (Council chair)

Associate Professor of Journalism Studies, representative of the Faculty of Social Sciences

Taavi Pae  Associate Professor in Estonian Geography, representative of the Faculty of Science and Technology 
Ain Raal  Professor in Pharmacognosy, representative of the Faculty of Medicine 
Aigi Rahi-Tamm  Professor of Archival Studies, representative of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities 
Lemmit Kaplinski  Deputy Mayor of Tartu, representative of the City of Tartu 
Inge Laurik-Teder  Member of the Board of the Estonian Museum Association, Member of the Council of SA Muuseumikaart, Deputy Research Director of Virumaa Museums 
Anette-Mai Pirk-Birk  student representative, Vice President of the UT Student Union 
Ülle Puustusmaa  tourism expert, entrepreneur
Marju Reismaa  Adviser (Museums) of the Ministry of Culture 

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