Uku Peterson

Invite Crazy Scientist to your events

Crazy Scientist is always happy to share his knowledge. Invite the Crazy Scientist to your events to gain new exciting knowledge and conduct fun experiments. 

Have you thought about what air is and where weather comes from? How cold is cold and what does water consist of?  

The Crazy Scientist’s programme answers these and many other questions concerning air and gases, water and clouds, warm and cold, and colours and light. The Crazy Scientist also does a lot of cool experiments that are not only impressive but that help us better understand how the world around us works. 

The Crazy Scientist’s programme is primarily intended for children in 1st to 6th grade (aged 7 to 12) and lasts about 30 to 45 minutes. We also offer lessons for classes (up to 24 children), where the children can actively participate and ask the Crazy Scientist questions. 

Larger audiences can take part in Crazy Scientist’s fun experiments programme.  

The Crazy Scientist’s 30- to 45-minute programme is 200 euros. Each subsequent 45 minutes is 90 euros. For locations outside Tartu, travelling expenses of 0.36 euros per kilometre apply.  

Additional information and booking: (+372) 737 5674 or e-mail