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The University of Tartu Museum began in 1803 with the establishment of the university’s art museum. During this time, museums in the university have appeared and disappeared, merged and separated, but the main goals have remained unchanged: preserve the academic heritage of the university, educate and enlighten the young and old alike, and tell the history of the University of Tartu as well as the history of world science and art in a thrilling way. 

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Donations help us preserve the ruins of the cathedral, maintain collections, and provide learning opportunities for young people and adults alike.

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Muuseumiöö 2023

Museum Night 2023: "Movement in the Night"

Mis on valgus?

What Is Light? Professor Georg Friedrich Parrot’s Physics Lab

Tartu toomkiriku valgustuse ideekonkursi võidutöö "Koit ja Hämarik"

Winner of the Tartu Cathedral lighting design competition announced