Uku Peterson

Crazy Scientist’s Morning Science Experiments

Crazy Scientist welcomes 7- to 12-year-old science enthusiasts every Saturday at 11:15 at the University of Tartu Museum for a morning full of science experiments! 

The Crazy Scientist’s Morning Science Experiments is a fun crafting class for curious children aged 7 to 12. Every week we pick a new and exciting topic about the world around us, discuss it and make things. 

See the topics for the Morning Science Experiments in the event calendar or on Crazy Scientist’s Facebook page. For more information, call the museum’s infoline (+372) 737 5674.  

A one-off ticket is 3 €, a 10-visit ticket is 10 €, and an annual ticket is 30 €. 

The Morning Science Experiments are in Estonian, but can easily be observed by children who don’t know the language. 

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