Angelina Pjatkovskaja

Crazy Scientist’s Lab

The Crazy Scientist’s Lab encourages children to discover the world of science. Crazy Scientist works with exciting gadgets, and is inspired by new ideas and questions. Although Crazy Scientist is often out of his office, either on expeditions or consulting with colleagues, his office is always open to visitors. 

The Crazy Scientist’s Lab has many fun and educational activities. You can try several gadgets built by the Crazy Scientist. Those with enough strength can hoist the tackle; those with less can make balls circle around a vertical loop. 

You can also just lie on the pillows in the Crazy Scientist’s Lab, watch the sgraffito on the ceiling and learn about clouds in the sky. There are also a lot of games in the Crazy Scientist’s Lab that you can try out. 

Games with electricity

Recently, the Crazy Scientist has immersed himself in electricity. He has built a large electric wall, where you can pass electricity and power up appliances you like. Those with the skill can pass electricity from one appliance to another and start, for example, an electric magnet, a hair dryer or Crazy Scientist’s hologram. One path leads to a secret gadget.  

Programmes and birthdays in the Crazy Scientist’s Lab

The whole family is welcome in the Crazy Scientist’s Lab where they can spend quality time together. The Crazy Scientist also holds autumn, spring and summer camps for children. The Crazy Scientist is especially happy when children celebrate their birthday at his place! 


Getting there

  • The exhibition is on the fifth floor of the University of Tartu Museum, accessible by elevator and stairs.


  • The Crazy Scientist’s Lab has stools without backs. Children may arrange them around the room as they like.
  • You can also sit on the carpet in the corner of the Lab.

Light and sound

  • The room has plenty of natural light and few texts.
  • This is a small room with many scientific toys that make a lot of noise when children play with them.

Read about the accessibility of the entire building here.

Project team

The Crazy Scientist’s Lab evolves with the scientist. Over the years, Virko Annus, Kadri Kasterpalu, Tiiu Kreegipuu, Klaus-Peeter Ladva, Terje Lõbu, Kerttu Palginõmm, Annika Pindis, Mariann Raisma, Mairo Rääsk, Margot Sakson, Maris Tuuling and Andres Viikmaa have contributed to it.