Luisa Grete Vilo

University of Tartu Museum and four other museums are open until 20:24 on Thursdays

During Tartu’s year as European Capital of Culture, five county museums – the Estonian Sports and Olympic Museum, the Ice Age Centre, Tartu City History Museum, the KGB Cells Museum and the University of Tartu Museum – are offering visitors a unique opportunity to enjoy museum culture for longer than usual. From June until the end of August, the museums are open until 20:24 on Thursdays to give visitors more time to explore the exhibitions and participate in their public programmes.

‘Why not go to a museum?’ is a joint project that aims to enrich the cultural summer and offer townsfolk and visitors to the city an extra opportunity to enjoy Tartu’s museums. The extended opening hours enable visitors to explore the exhibitions and hidden treasures of the museums during the evening and take part in unique tours, workshops and cultural events specifically designed for this period.

“The idea came about spontaneously, and we’re delighted that it involves such an amazing and diverse set of museums. All of them have been updated in the last few years to offer visitors the best possible experience. This project is the first of its kind, and it doesn’t just extend opening hours, but also boosts the synergy between the museums by improving cooperation and exchange of knowledge and experience. For visitors, it’s a great way to spend summer nights diving into stories of local culture, history, sports and science. We hope the extended hours and exciting programme will bring people to the museums who otherwise wouldn’t have time to visit.”

Mariann Raisma, director of the University of Tartu Museum 

The extended opening hours apply to five different museums:



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