Angelina Pjatkovskaja

Tartu 2024: Toomemägi Revisited

In 2024, Toomemägi (Toome Hill), the heart of the city of Tartu, will come to life through a combination of light, culture and research. Should you wander around Toomemägi during Capital of Culture year, you’ll be able to enjoy the cathedral’s new lighting along with an art installation that tells stories about the University of Tartu’s scientific achievements.


Explore Toomemägi! 

The special character of Toomemägi has evolved over the centuries. Both the heart of the medieval town and the historic centre of the university have been located on this hill. The main building of the University of Tartu, next to Toomemägi, has been one of the symbols of Estonia for four centuries. Excellence in research surrounds us every day, but it is often the case that it goes unnoticed. We would like to draw attention to the research done at the university with an art installation entitled “Lifesaver”. 

The cathedral’s lighting and “Lifesaver”

It’s time to give the cathedral a new ‘night’ face and to make the building even more attractive. With this in mind, new creative lighting for the cathedral ruins is being prepared for Tartu’s year as a European Capital of Culture. Visitors to Toomemägi can also participate in the light show. Soon you’ll be able to experience the mystical beauty of Toomemägi in a completely new way.  

The park surrounding the cathedral will feature an engaging art installation “Lifesaver”, the result of creative collaboration between artists, researchers and students. At the heart of the installation are Tartu’s achievements in research, which have changed the world view of many people, extended the lifespan of humankind and raised the quality of life. 

Citizens of Tartu as well as guests from other parts of Estonia and from across Europe are welcome at Toomemägi! 

“Toomemägi Revisited” is part of the main programme of European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024. 


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