The exhibition „Sicker"


Artists Flo Kasearu and Elīna Vītola have placed the miniature monuments – parasites – on the sculptures at the museum’s permanent display. It is an exhibition that performs an intervention, called „Sicker", where the museum’s plaster sculptures are put into survival mode, as nearly 70 tiny bronze ‘parasites’ infect the ancient art with the contemporary.

Parasites are also placed on the taxidermied animals in the University of Tartu Natural History Museum and the exhibition is called  „Unknown". Artists Damien Beyrouthy, France Cadet, Hayden Fowler, Uku Sepsivart and the duo Flo Kasearu and Elīna Vītola invite you to think about endangered species at the Natural History Museum.

You can visit both exhibitions during opening hours from 5 April to 29 September 2024.



Artists: Flo Kasearu, Elīna Vītola

Texts: Sara Bédard-Goulet

Conservator: Kristiina Ribelus

Project Manager: Ingrid Sahk

Getting there

  • The permanent exhibition is in the University of Tartu Art Museum on the first floor of the university’s main building.
  • A wooden ramp can be used to help cross elevated areas in the Art Museum.


  • The exhibition rooms, the assembly hall and the hallways of the main building have several chairs and benches with backs.

Read about the accessibility of the entire building here.